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Poetry Lab Shanghai and The Canary Present: Fourteen Poets | 诗验室与 The Canary 联合出品: 诗歌朗诵十四人

诗验室携手独立出版社 Canarium Books 旗下 The Canary 推出“诗歌朗诵十四人”,呈现吴立松、 Anthony Madrid、袁婵、Margaret Ross、Huang Fan、Lynn Xu、曹周鹏、Ye Ling、Joshua Edwards、S. Preston Duncan、Erica Martin、帕凡、Matt Schroeder 与 Brady Riddle 等人的朗诵作品。

Poetry Lab Shanghai is teaming up with The Canary by Canarium Books to present a reading featuring fourteen poets: Wu Lisong, Anthony Madrid, Yuan Chan, Margaret Ross, Huang Fan, Lynn Xu, Cao Zhoupeng, Ye Ling, Joshua Edwards, S. Preston Duncan, Erica Martin, Pa Fan, Matt Schroeder, and Brady Riddle.


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