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To mark the 1st anniversary of Poetry Lab Shanghai, we have selected 21 poems from our previous online issues and turned them into an anthology - Poetry Lab Shanghai Anthology Volume 1: Lines that breathe. It is a summary of the efforts and energies we've put into these issues throughout the year, we very much hope that you enjoy it.

This anthology features works from S. Preston Duncan, Kevin McGowan, James Sherry, L Kiew, Matt Schroeder, Patrick Schiefen, Lily Holloway, Wu Lisong, Xiao Xiao and more, and covering topics such as identity, religion, love, art, social and political phenomena, life and loss.

If you wish to purchase a digital version of this anthology to support our work, you can send an email to poetrylabshanghai [at] gmail [dot] com for instructions on payment and a digital copy.



该诗歌合辑中包含来自S. Preston Duncan、Kevin McGowan、Lily Holloway、L Kiew、袁婵、曹周鹏、萧潇、杜文辉、希洛、华璋以及吴立松等人的作品。这些诗歌围绕身份、生存环境、宗教、爱情、艺术、社会及政治现象、生命及人生得失进行颇为独特的探讨,值得大家细细品味。


若您有意购买电子版《诗验室第一期诗歌合辑》以表示对我们工作的支持,请发邮件至 poetrylabshanghai [at] gmail [dot] com 以获取具体支付信息及电子书。

PLS Anthology Volume I (Digital)


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