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, 'use application's.desktop file instead of system-wide', but how do I make.desktop file's? (I did apt install ubuntu-mate-desktop before) i wonder if there's a way to downgrade? I have to patch-pong to be able to build this game ( and there is an issue to make it work on my ubuntu 16.04) and when i did this I am getting this: any idea whats happening? i got updates that failed to install - couldn't get them to upgrade to later versions - right now the default OS is 16.10 tarkus: Have you installed the version for Ubuntu 17.04? yes tarkus: I have the same issue as you as in, im getting some kind of errors, so im trying to figure out why... but im not too sure I'll check my install. i have a log file here: i dont know what to do with that tarkus: run dpkg -l|grep "^iU" no results did you run the command? tarkus: reboot, and try again to install the ppa package. ill try that tarkus: then make sure that the version is installed. ok hello I need your help I'm trying to install a package (e.g., ffmpeg) with




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Hichki Mp4 Download Movie winnquar

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